"Where does it say that you have a contract with G-d to have an easy life?"

the Lubavitcher Rebbe

"Failure is not the enemy of success; it is its prerequisite."

Rabbi Nosson Scherman

25 Mar 2017

The purpose

Say what?! UN Human Rights Council declares Israel world's No. 1 human rights violator

When Asked How They Managed To Stay Together 65 Years, The Woman Replied...

The Rabbi Who Taught A French Soldier German

What Are We Remembered For?

24 Mar 2017

4 reasons

Rasmea Odeh's co-terrorist implicated both of them in planting 1969 supermarket bomb. On video. (update)

Jewish Voice for Peace is honored to feature deeply respected Palestinian organizer Rasmea Odeh at our upcoming National Membership Meeting.

Imam calling for Jews to be killed in sermon at Montreal mosque draws police complaint

Is There Life After (Wife's) Death?

23 Mar 2017

The passion

Sanctify the Moment

Parashat Vayakhel-Pekudeh: The Foundation

Parshas Vayakhail-Pekudei: Sensitive Souls...

Transmitting The Passion to Our Children



When Moses was in his third year, Pharaoh was dining one day with the queen Alfar'anit at his right hand, his daughter Biti'ah with the infant Moses upon her lap at his left, and Balaam the son of Beor together with his two sons and all the princes of the realm sitting at the table in the king's presence. It happened that the infant took the crown from off the king's head, and placed it on his own. When the king and princes saw this, they were terrified, and each one in turn expressed his astonishment. The king said to the princes, "What speak you, and what say you, O ye princes, on this matter, and what is to be done to this Hebrew boy on account of this act?"
Continue reading: http://jhom.com/topics/crowns/moses.html



New campaign aims to help fund efforts to solve murder of Jewish DNC staffer

22 Mar 2017

Good Medos

Petirah of Chawnaw Hershel Kahn Z”L; See his ‘Handbook on Good Medos’

Jewish Children Taken To Mosque For Prayers In School Outing

WATCH: Hillel Neuer Of UN Watch Rips Human Rights Abusers Condemning Israel

"Mi'as Adanim L'Mi'as HaKikar Kikar LaAden", one hundred Adanim from one hundred kikar, one kikar for each Aden (Pikudei 38:27). The Chidushei HaRim says that the Mishkan needed 100 Adanim while a Yid needs to make 100 Brachos everyday. Just like the Adanim were the foundation of the Mishkan, so too our brachos are the foundation of Kedushas Yisroel and the Kedusha of each Yid.

Aden is from the Lashon of Adnus or Master, which is the way we refer to Hashem's name. Our hundred daily Brachos serve as a reminder that Hashem is our Master and they serve as the foundation of the Mishkan that each Yid builds for Hashem's Shechina, in his heart.


Disgraceful shelling

“The United States is appalled by today’s disgraceful shelling outside an UNRWA school in Rafah sheltering some 3,000 displaced persons, in which ten more Palestinian civilians were tragically killed,” reads the statement from State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki. “We once again stress that Israel do more to meet its own standards and avoid civilian casualties.”

At least 33 people were killed in a US-led coalition strike on a school used as a centre for displaced people near a militant-held Syrian town, a monitor said Wednesday.

Will the U.S. State Department be issuing a statement of condemnation regarding the disgraceful shelling of a school?

Giving and Receiving Compliments

21 Mar 2017

The ripe old age of 35

Below is a roughly translated story related in Hebrew at Kikar Hashabat.

On the night of Shabbat, Parashat Ki Tisa-Para, a member of Moetzet Gedolei Ha-Torah and Rabbi of the Ramat Elchanan neighborhood in Bnei Brak, Rabbi Yitzchak Zilbershtein, recounted a story about a shidduch which involved HaGaon HaRav Aharon Leib Steinman.

A yeshiva bachur who had reached the age of 35 and still had not found his marriage partner was suggested a 26-year-old woman.

The young man came to HaGaon HaRav Refael Shmulowitz zt "l and asked, "If I tell the young woman my exact age, it is reasonable to assume that she will not want me because of the nine-year gap between us. Can I 'reduce' my age, and say that I am 32 years old, for example?"

Rabbi Shmulovitz told the young man that he was going to Bnei Brak that evening to speak with the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Shteinman Shlita, and he would present the question to him."

Rabbi Zilberstein related, "And what did the Rosh Yeshiva say? - Listen to the wisdom of the Torah!"

"This bachur has one drawback, and that's his age; does he want to have another disadvantage of being a liar?"

Maran said that the bachur should tell the truth.

The young man revealed his true age, and that same day a plate was broken as the couple got engaged.

After the betrothal, the future bride told her bridegroom, "I wanted you to know that I was debating whether to get engaged to you, so I decided I would ask you how old you were although, in realty, I knew your age. If you had lied, I would have not got engaged to you. Because you told the truth, I decided that you were to be my chasan.

Last will

Last will and Testament of Oldest Man in Jerusalem

The Omar Barghouti Poster

Parashat Vayakhel - Stop Being Lazy


20 Mar 2017

Torah and good deeds

This afternoon I attended a levaya at Shamgar Funeral Home in Jerusalem. On one of the walls hangs a placard with words taken from Pirkei Avot, Perek 6.

בִּשְׁעַת פְּטִירָתוֹ שֶׁל אָדָם אֵין מְלַוִּין לוֹ לָאָדָם לֹא כֶסֶף וְלֹא זָהָב וְלֹא אֲבָנִים טוֹבוֹת וּמַרְגָּלִיּוֹת, אֶלָּא תוֹרָה וּמַעֲשִׂים טוֹבִים בִּלְבַד

"At the time of a person's passing, neither silver, gold, nor precious stones nor pearls accompany him, but Torah and good deeds."

Puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

Ani Ma'amin

"The passengers were seen reading Ani Ma'amin from their prayer books."

The above line was taken from an article at the Daily Mail regarding a flight that had to make an emergency landing.

The Medrash says that Moshe Rabbeinu asked Hashem, if the Bais HaMikdash is destroyed where will Hashem's Shechina rest. Hashem answered that it will rest on the Tzadikim of each generation. The Gemara in Succah (45b) says that each generation has 36 tzaddikim that greet the Shechina every day.

Rav Shlomo Levenstein in Chaim Shel Torah says there is a Remez to this in the first words of Parshas Pikudei. Pikudei according to many Meforshim means "missing" or "lacking". Eileh is gematria 36. "Eileh Pikudei HaMishkan". What will happen with the Shechina when "Pikudei HaMishkan", when the Mishkan is missing, asks the Torah? Eileh, the Shechina will rest among the 36 tzaddikim.

Rome’s chief rabbi weighs in on Catholic-Jewish rift